Walking the Line: Loneliness and Christianity

Over the last several years, I've watched a few people who were "on fire" for the Lord gradually slip back into their old lifestyles, their attitudes and behavior growing more and more disaffected until finally we just stopped talking altogether. They would not listen to me or anyone else when we tried to ask them... Continue Reading →


Confronting Doom – Nov 9, 2017

I'm currently working my way through the piecing of events together of a dream that has mostly come true. I  say "mostly" because it played out exactly as it happened, but also because I heeded a warning in it, so a different (and much more preferable) ending played out in real life. Some of it... Continue Reading →

The Dream of Water and Fire, December 1999

I've had strange dreams all of my life. There was never any explanation for it, no regularity to the occurrences, just me going to sleep on a particular night and then I'd experience a dream with full color, lots of intense, realistic scenery and mind-blowing special effects -- complete with Dolby Digital Surround-sound. These dreams... Continue Reading →

Finding Hope in a Darkened World

"The world wants you gone." This was the closing line of an essay written on Facebook by a brother in Christ, dealing with why Believers often feel cast out of society and judged harshly by our peers for what seems to be no apparent reason. These words sank into my mind, where they rolled around... Continue Reading →

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