Earthquakes, Israel, and more dreams about a flood of snow and ice – July 15, 2018

As I was watching the news last week, I began to notice a few stories about a swarm of moderate earthquakes hitting the northern part of Israel, particularly in the Sea of Galilee region. If it had only been one or two quakes, it might not have caught my eye, but there have been several... Continue Reading →


Just so you know…the Great Tribulation is Almost Here.

June 29, 2018 -- This will be very short and to the point. Lots of end-times stuff going on in the news. In addition to all the usual mayhem, threats of war and so on, Prince William just visited Israel - the first Royal to do so in 70 years. That's significant, considering that they're... Continue Reading →

Thinking in the Fifth Dimension

I just stumbled on this image the other day and found it fascinating. Dali painted this image of Jesus on a hyperdimensional cross, "Corpus Hypercubus" to provoke thought, as art is supposed to do. While some people may find the painting confusing or even offensive, what it truly represents is that God is a being... Continue Reading →

Seven Salems and the “Saul Paradigm”

I've been thinking about the eclipse of August 21, 2017 again, mostly because ever since it happened, everything in my life has been one constant trial after another. I've noticed similar trends happening with friends and family, as well as America itself. How did we miss this? Aside from the 4 Blood Moons (3 of... Continue Reading →

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