Watching Out for False Doctrine – March 3, 2018

Just when I thought I was done considering the origin of our post-modern society's odd fixation on the pagan mother goddess (queen of heaven) worship, I stumble on someone else's opinion on it that concurs with mine. Problem is, it feels like an answer from unknown quarters, which now makes me rethink everything. We've got... Continue Reading →


The world is a little less brighter place today – Rev. Billy Graham’s passing and prophetic “words” tied into it…Feb. 21, 2018

I just heard this morning about the passing of the legendary Reverend Billy Graham. If you're a Believer, you know that Billy Graham closed his eyes to this world and opened his eyes in Paradise. I have a few doctrinal things I disagree with him about, but overall, I can't think of any other person... Continue Reading →

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