The “Jonah 2:8” Dream – Mar. 9, 2014

I’ve had multiple dreams where “fish” and “airplanes” are involved. Here is one of the more significant ones. This dream began with me driving my Dad’s old car, a white Ford Granada, through a city that I recognized o be somewhere in Southern California. Downtown Los Angeles, or maybe some nearby city. My kids (currently in their 20’s now) were with me, but they were much younger, looking like they did when I lived in California in the early 90’s. They were in the back seat and complaining because I’d been driving for a long time and they wanted to get out of the car and play at a park somewhere. So I found one and stopped. There was an African American woman who got into my car and sat in the seat beside me. I felt as though I’d known her for a very long time, even though I didn’t recognize her face. She said something to me about letting the kids out to play. I looked at the park – it was beautiful, lined all around the edges with tall palm trees and some ancient-looking cedars. Suddenly I felt as though I had to be somewhere.

I got out of the car and asked the woman if she could please keep an eye on my kids for a few minutes while I went to an “appointment” of some kind. She didn’t seem happy abut that, but agreed to stay in the car with them. I closed the car door and began walking toward a small chapel at one end of the park. The scene felt very real – it was late afternoon and I noted that the sun was low on the horizon. There were pinkish-colored clouds around it, and the air felt warm, like it was mid-summer. I hear the sound of a choir singing and I began singing softly along with the music. I was near an airport and paused for a second or two to watch as a large passenger plane came in too low over the trees. It disappeared and I heard a loud boom – so I thought that it had crashed. I hurried toward the chapel and went inside.

Despite the chapel’s small size, there was a larger room beyond a set of wooden doors with wrought iron handles. A choir was singing just beyond the doors. I noticed that in the small “lobby” was a couple of newspaper racks. It occurred to me that i needed to know the date, so I went to the newspapers and tried to read them, scanning quickly for a headline. As my eyes scanned across the paper, the type disappeared. I saw a date – Thursday, December 13th, but the type disappeared before I could get the year. I saw a headline that mentioned something about a “crash,” but again the type went away before I could read it in entirety. I moved away from the racks and turned to see that the wooden doors had opened. There were a couple dozen people crammed into pews in the small chapel. A priest (I saw him as a Catholic priest) handed me a flyer and told me to read and sign it.

I hesitated because even in the dream I worried about committing to something if it wasn’t “from God.” So instead of reading the flyer, I opened my purse to look for a pen. In the purse I found a jar of water containing several angel fish. I understood that somehow I was supposed to bring them to this little church and put them in a giant tank that was in the narthex, behind the podium. I took the jar and went into the narthex and saw that the entire wall behind the pulpit was a giant water tank. It was full of different kinds of fish, from the ordinary to the exotic. I stepped up to it, found the top and poured my jar of angel fish into it.  Almost immediately, the other fish went on the attack, biting and shredding the angel fish right in front of my eyes. As I watched this, some guy I didn’t know came to stand beside me and together we watched the angel fish die.

“They didn’t belong in there,” he said after a moment. “the other fish killed them because if they didn’t, your angel fish would breed with the females and strange fish would be born.” I turned to look at the man but even though I stared right at him, his face was so blurred I couldn’t make out his features. I heard the glass fish tank begin to crack. As I focused my attention on that, I saw a large crack take shape in the glass wall of the tank and knew it was about to burst. I went back out to the “lobby” and opened the flyer. I couldn’t read it but suddenly it became a scroll. I unrolled it and stuck it to a corkboard on the wall beside the wooden doors. The man from the fish tank came to stand beside me and he took out a pen, signed his name (which I couldn’t read) at the line at the bottom of the text on the scroll. He handed the pen to me. I wanted to read the document first, but like with the newspapers, the text disappeared as soon as I glanced at it. I hurried again to read it before it disappeared altogether.

I made out the last few words on the bottom, which said, “If you believe in me, sign here. If you will help me, sign here.” And after that a blank pair of lines. The man beside me had already signed his name. And beside that, I saw in cursive handwriting the words “Jonah 8:2.” In the dream I knew there was no Jonah 8:2, and as I thought that, the words resolved again and became “Jonah 2:8.” It was as if I was reading it wrong and my sudden bit of clarity fixed it. I decided to go ahead and sign my name.

Just as I finished signing my name, I heard the sound of glass shattering and the rush of water. The tank had burst. Suddenly a ton of water flooded out through the wooden doors. Fish were floating in it, struggling and flopping everywhere.The priest came out of the chapel and patted me on the back. He said something to the effect of “don’t worry, there’s still time left.” After that, I woke up.

I immediately went to google Jonah 2:8. The first result that came up was the NIV version, which reads: “Those who cling to worthless idols turn away from God’s love for them.” Even though I don’t normally read the NIV version of the Bible (I’m a King James kinda gal), I knew without a doubt that this particular version of the verse was what I was meant to see. It had “message from God” written all over it. So I re-read the entire story of Jonah and for the first time I saw how much of it seemed to parallel my own life. For so long, God had been giving me messages, but because I didn’t know what to do with them, I simply wrote them down and forgot about them.

But now, as I understand it, this dream was telling me several things. Some kind of “crash” (plane? economy?) on Thursday, December 13th. I looked it up and found that the next time that December 13th lands on a Thursday will be in late 2018. This will be just after the Jewish 50th year of Jubilee ends.


The angel fish could represent the “fallen angels” from Enoch and Genesis, destroyed in a flood (tank bursting) because they had mingled with the women they found on earth. The tank bursting later could represent a breach in dimensions, fallen angels coming through in a flood. (Double meaning, both past and future?). By signing my name at the bottom of the scroll, this unnamed man and I agreed to spread the message of Jonah 2:8 – that people who worship idols forsake God’s love for them. They have turned away from God. Since all of this occurred in a little church, it could refer to some churches who place their worship in things like relics and crosses rather than on the Lord God and His Son, Jesus Christ.  I’ve been focused on that message ever since.

– Jillian



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