I’m a rational human…why post about my dreams?

If you’re a “mainstream” Christian or otherwise hold different beliefs in God (or none at all) you probably don’t give much credence to dreams and vision. I didn’t, either, until a few years ago. I considered myself an agnostic for the longest time and only in the the last several years did I begin making an honest effort to seek the face of the Lord God in Jesus Christ. (My testimony as to the events that led up to me calling out for the Lord Jesus Christ will be described in a later posting). However, for most of my life, I’ve had the most incredibly vivid dreams.

Not every dream was remarkable, but a couple times per month I’d have a dream that was so realistic that I felt I had awakened into another world. These dreams were epics, complete with every special effect you could think of. I experienced full spectrum color, with the ability to touch and pickup objects, talk to people and get responses that weren’t anything I’d even think to say on my own, as well as experience my complete five sense in each environment. In one dream, for example, I smelled freshly baked pizza. There wasn’t even a slice of pizza in my house at the time.

Scientists say that people only dream in black and white. But I don’t. With a rare exception here and there, ninety percent of my dreams are in living, breathing color. The most vivid among those were the dreams I’d recorded in journal form since the age of fifteen. The books shown in the photo are just the dreams from the years 2010 to present-day, June 2016. The rest are stored in a box, with about forty journals in all.

I’ve also kept handwritten journals of my daily life. If I sat down and tried to do a total word count, it would run into the tens of millions. Most of those years documented my lonely, troubled trek through junior high and high school, as well as my first three failed long-term relationships and the birth of my children. I don’t bother to read those because they’re a part of my life I don’t want to relive. In 1982, though, my mother gave me a small, red velvet book with blank pages. This became was my first  “dream book.” This book, along with the more expensive, leather-bound books that came later, contain the dreams and a couple of waking visions. The velvet book records the dreams as poetry, and that sets it apart from the others. I’m a terrible poet, but I wanted to record the dreams somehow without causing my parents concern for my mental health at the time. I was a troubled child with an imagination I could barely contain. After much ridicule from family and childhood peers, I learned early on to keep these thoughts and experiences to myself.

I’m a high-functioning autistic, and this may be one of the reasons I dream primarily in color and strong imagery. My dreams are much like my imagination – extremely detailed scenes which play like movies in my mind. Autistics think in images as well as with a running “narrative” in their minds. Most normal people do not. In fact, every autistic I’ve ever known has had this ability, no matter where on the spectrum they fall. That said, let me explain why after all these years I decided to post the most important ones from these books now, in 2016.

Several of these dreams – especially ones I recorded years ago – have begun to come true. 

Before I became a saved Christian, I dismissed the dreams as simply my imagination gone wild as I slept. While many of these were apocalyptic in nature, I wanted to forget them, and the easiest way to do so was to write them down. I’m going to be posting dreams that are coming to fruition first, and these begin back in 1982 and some come from as recently as mid-2015. I held back on posting these because I worried that people would think me crazy, even though the Bible does say that God speaks to us in dreams from time to time. That’s when it becomes important to have discernment, to test what you’ve dreamed against scripture, so that it may be interpreted properly.

Sometimes it’s not that easy. At times, the dreams were a series of confusing scenes that frightened or awed me, but made no sense when I tried to consider what they might mean.  I know that it may not even be God giving me some of the dreams. A few came from my subconscious and some came from elsewhere, including entities we cannot see but nevertheless dwell among us. Yes, I do believe that now. I didn’t give it any credence before, but all of that changed in 2010 when I brazenly announced in front of a bunch of friends that “there were no such things as demons, angels or spirits.” Almost immediately after that, things began to change. It was as though someone unseen had heard me scoff out loud and said, “Oh, really? We’ll have to see about that…”

And so in 2010, the year I was diagnosed with cancer, I saw some things during my waking life that I cannot explain to this day. I’ll include those as well, since I had other witnesses with at the time they occurred. That’s also when my normally vivid dreams kicked into hyper-drive and began occurring almost daily.

My story is way too long to fit into one blog posting. I’ll just have to describe it as I go. Among the first posts will be a few dreams from my teen years, as those were the most earth-shaking and I still remember them as clearly as I did thirty-five years ago.

I’m sharing these because they were given to me for a reason. I didn’t believe that, either, until a few years ago when I began to read through all the journals I’d written and noticed how many of them had either come to pass or are just starting to.

If you believe in God and that the Bible (King James and earlier versions) are His Word, then you should understand this: Either the Bible is completely true or it isn’t true at all. You can’t choose the parts you like and ignore the more scary portions because you can’t bring yourself to belief that there really are dimensions beyond this one – dimensions that even Jesus Himself described to His followers. Jesus cast out demons during His time on earth, so if you believe that Jesus is real, then those events must be real, too. Demons are real and they do affect your dreams on occasion. I can’t post every dream I had, because unless there is a lesson in it, they could be considered “false prophecy.” I will post the ones that are relevant to my argument, though, that there is a second dimension, a third, and possibly even more than the one we currently see now.

So if you can’t understand this, then you might as well not bother to read on. For those who do allow for this Biblically grounded fact, perhaps you can see things in the dreams I’ve yet to decipher. In the parable of the Talents, Jesus described several servants who did different things with the talents they were given. Some made them profitable, while one servant just buried his and was rebuked by his master for doing so. I’ve left these buried long enough. It’s time to see if any of them can bear fruit, proving to people that prophecy is real. The dream I was given when I was fifteen years old is incredibly scary, and for the most part it hasn’t come true. Parts of it have, though, and I will add notes to explain why I believe it has.

Thank you for reading. May God bless you and keep you,


Additional note — most of the photos used in conjunction with my postings are mine and are owned/copyrighted by me personally. Others are done by artists, graphics designers and people to whom I will give credit for the images as necessary. If there are any that are listed incorrectly, I will research them and attribute them to the proper individual(s).


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