Four Volcano Eruption Dreams, Dec. 2013 to May 5, 2016

I’ve dreamed multiple times about volcanic eruptions and in all of them, I’m living in a small mountain town, my husband and son are with me and there’s a volcano eruption.

Dream #1,  Dec. 2013 (I didn’t record the date for some reason)
This was a short dream of myself and my husband standing in the back yard of the house we used to live in while in Arizona. We’re looking up at the sky at something far off in the distance that is getting closer and closer. As I watched, I saw that a large passenger jet came in low -it was a huge plane, like a 777 – and it crashed. We heard the sound of it hitting, just beyond the trees.

We begin to run and next thing I know, the dream changes and we’re in a building in the small, woodsy mountain town I keep seeing in dreams. We’re on the fifth floor of the tallest building in the area. There is a large bank of windows. My husband and I are arguing over something (I can’t remember what it was) and suddenly the building trembles. A massive quake is hitting and I run to my husband, who folds me into his arms. Together we look out through the bank of windows and there’s a huge, billowing black cloud rolling toward us. It has a lot of force and is knocking trees down as it hurtles our way. Just as it hits the building we’re in, everything turns red and I see fire all around. We are frozen, unable to move as the building is destroyed all around us. Then I wake up.

Dream #2, September 13, 2013

I dream that my husband, my son and I are living in a small house in the mountains. The earth keeps shaking and a bunch of odd little things happen and I can’t specifically recall what those were. Then I am standing outside with my husband and we are looking up at a mountain. Suddenly a huge blast of cloud is coming straight at us. There’s a strange red glow in the sky as well. I know I’m looking at a volcano erupting. For whatever reason, I run back into the house and find my son. I clasp his hands in mine and tell him he needs to accept Jesus – like right NOW. He looks at me like I’ve lost my mind. Then I said, “fine, then at least say the Lord’s Prayer with me.” and as the loudest blast I’ve ever heard shakes the house, I know we’re about to die. We say the Lord’s Prayer clearly, enunciating every word. Abut halfway through it. I woke up from the dream.

Dream #3, April 21, 2014

This dream was almost a complete repeat of the volcano dream from Dec. 2013. Except this time, my husband, my son and I are living in a small mountain town and we’re in what looks like a run down motel out near the highway. I feel the earth shaking and tell them that the mountain is going to erupt but they ignore me. I keep pleading with them, and at some point my husband leaves the scene. The volcano begins to erupt and I know this even though I can’t directly see it happening. I just know that it IS erupting. The dream shifts then, and my son and I are in a car, driving down from the mountain on a narrow road jammed with traffic. I see what looks like snow piled up beside the road but it’s hot outside, so it couldn’t be snow. The road is so jammed that we realize that we have to park the car and get out.

We end up walking down the mountain road and there’s snow falling on us. At some point we go around a bend in the road and see a long line of cars waiting to go into a tunnel that leads into another mountain. I watch this for a moment or two and realize that it is some kind of large underground shelter and people are being turned away, told that only certain people can be allowed in.  I realize for whatever reason that my son and I will not be allowed in, either, so we decide to continue on down the mountain. Before long we reach the base of the mountain and open desert stretches out before us. There are no more cars, and no sign of human life anywhere. Then I wake up.

Dream #4, May 10, 2016

In this dream I found myself looking outside through the front window of my apartment at the mountain that looms over the little town I live in. I saw a huge billowing cloud rise up from it, a huge roiling column of cloud, dust, lightning and it glowed red from within. I watched in amazement as the ash cloud reached some point where it could no longer travel upward and began to spread outward. Small rocks and burning bits of ash fell from the sky and I noted that I was running out of time.

I went around the house trying to grab things to save and yelling for my husband and son to hurry up, we had to leave and get down the road NOW before the ash falls and we can’t see to drive. I was also worried about the lahars that would soon come. In  the dream, I calculated how much approximate time I had – about 30 minutes – to get away from the area and onto high ground. My son and husband didn’t seem to be in any particular hurry, but before long I got them out of the house. We were looking for my car, which for some reason was gone. It was then that I noticed that all the cars were gone. The military was there, telling people they couldn’t drive out of the area in their own cars  and that they had to get on the buses that were provided for them.

I saw a line of yellow school buses parked along the road and people climbing into them. I noticed then that crude black cross-shapes had been spray painted on on the walls of the bus.  One soldier told me to get on the bus, but I said no, I wanted my car. He shrugged and said, “Sorry, but if you don’t get on the bus, you’re stuck here.” I backed away, refusing to get on the bus. My son and husband were gone, and I assumed they’d gotten onto one of the buses. I heard the buses start up and pull away just as the ash began to fall from above. I found my husband’s car, but had no keys for it. I knew then that I was not going to make it out of there alive. I cried as I watched the buses and the military vehicles drive away into descending darkness. And that’s when I woke up.

– Jillian


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