The Choice – A series of dreams…

2015 and 2016 have been all about making choices. These choices come from a political, religious, economic and personal perspective. Without getting too deep into my life story, in  a nutshell, my dreams have occasionally focused on things I’m interested in as a political activist. I am a conservative and have been actively promoting that cause, at least I was, until May 3, 2016. That all came to a screeching halt when the candidate I’d chosen to support in the GOP primary decided he’d had enough, didn’t have a path to the nomination and suspended his campaign. To say that this was the presidential candidate I’d been literally waiting to vote for all of my adult life is an understatement.

The thing is, because of a series of ongoing dreams, I knew he was going to run even before I knew he existed. I didn’t know his name, but even in 2012 I sensed that he or someone like him was going to try to make a run for president. Rather than use names, I’ll use initials, mainly because I don’t want this to be about the candidates themselves, but rather what they represent.

Depending upon your bent, if you are a Republican, Independent, Constitutionalist or socially liberal/fiscal conservative, the field was wide and there were many choices. This election primary season was all about choice, in that some of us wanted the “America-that-was” to return to the way it used to be.  Or, to be more precise, we wanted the America we remembered or imagined. I wanted the America that existed during the Reagan years. Yes, it had problems, but we were still relatively “free” to speak our minds and live our lives without government and social issues being in the forefront of our minds all the time. This is the backdrop where I start with the description of this series of dreams.

As I mentioned above, I knew TC was going to show up on the scene long before I knew who he was. In 2011, I had a series of dreams where I “saw” America collapsing economically and plunging into civil war. There was always a man there in each dream, one that constantly called for people to return to the Constitution and to God, that this was our only way out. And by 2013, I watched TC rise to the top in his home state and won a senate seat, despite the incredible odds against him.

I remember taking mental notes of his advancement as he went to D.C. True to his word, he challenged the establishment on both sides of the aisle. I had a gut feeling that he was going to run for president, that he was going to try to “fast-track” himself like the current president did in ’08. I figured, why not? Why shouldn’t he? It worked for Obama, so why shouldn’t the Right try this as well? I supported him even then, praying that if he did run, he’d win a mountain of support never before seen in the conservative movement. This was the guy we wanted, the one we’d prayed for. One who would stand up for everything we believed in.

That didn’t happen. Instead, the same entrenched progressives in the GOP fought him at every turn. Then when he did announce his run, I don’t think even he realized just how nasty the primaries would get.

Enter DJT, the right-wing messiah. I knew he would also enter the race as soon as word got out that TC threw his hat in the ring. In my opinion, the establishment (both Dems and Repubs) had this planned long ago.

DJT had thought about running once before, back in 2012, when there was a possibility that Romney might present a real challenge to Obama. DJT picked up the birther torch and ran with it, but what most Birthers don’t realize is that DJT did this specifically to help Obama dispel the rumors that he wasn’t a citizen. As soon as Obama put his fake birth certificate online, DJT promptly went away, as I predicted he would at the time. His “job” was to make sure everyone saw the birth certificate controversy was just a “conspiracy theory.” In fact, the Birther movement is and always has been DJT’s target audience. And there were a lot of them, on both sides of the political spectrum. It is these people he developed his message for long ago and it is the one he is using now, years later.

Once DJT entered the race, he picked off the GOP candidates one by one, saving TC for last. When it was just the two of them, the propaganda vomit coming from DJT’s campaign became the dirtiest and most malignant I’ve ever seen. Once TC finally saw that the election was being hijacked by DJT and his predominantly Democrat voter base, he bowed out of the race. I knew that was going to happen weeks before he did, both because I had seen the writing on the wall and because of a series of dreams I had. I’m about to share a few of those now.

Bear in mind, I never thought TC was in any way a “messiah” or Jesus returned, but what I do believe is that he represented what America was supposed to be – a Constitutional Republic, where all people are considered equal in the eyes of God.

By the first week of May, it became clear. The voters rejected TC and chose their figurative “Barabbas.” DJT is the worst presidential candidate I’ve ever seen and his followers are cult-like, cutting across the spectrum of the electorate. I’ve read the things they say when they think they’re in a forum or newsgroup with only other DJT supporters. They say the scariest things. Based on what I’ve seen in those forums, these followers of DJT are no better than the jihadis they profess to hate. They honestly believe DJT is “anointed” by God Himself to be president and they will let nothing stop them, not even their former fellow Conservatives who didn’t get with the DJT program.

So now, on to the vision and series of dreams.

January 29, 2015 – Open Vision, audible

After attending church services that morning, I was working on breaking the code on the mysterious “MM-JAM Cube” that was found and later removed from the top of the Georgia Guidestones with a group of people in shirts of various colors making a show of throwing down the cube, rolling it around for the camera so that all the numbers were visible… then chopping it up and distributing the pieces as though they were chunks of communion bread. While I was working on this in my mind, I was also pondering the sermon I’d heard earlier that morning, which involved (coincidentally enough) “the Cornerstone that the Builders Rejected.” The scriptures that the pastor used were:

John 11:45 to 12:9  (When the Sadducees and Pharisees hatched their plot to destroy Jesus)
Psalm 118   (The stone the Builders rejected has become the Cornerstone)
Isaiah 2:4  (All war will end; the nations will their swords into plowshares)
1Peter 2:1-12  (Jesus is the “Stone” [the rock], the stone the builders rejected and also the stone that causes stumbling)

The words came to me then that TC is going to lose. He will be rejected by the people. This was 6 days after he announced his run for the GOP nomination. What I heard — ‘The “Builders” are going to reject him.’ I knew then that he was never going to be allowed to win. DJT came along and made sure of that. Later, as I woke up from another dream (the first one listed below) and I heard that same voice say, “There will be no winners.”

February 15, 2016 – Dream

I was driving through the plains and for whatever reason I guessed that I was in the middle of Texas. I stopped at a gas station that was out in the middle of nowhere and went inside. The place was filthy and the floor was flooded. I was standing ankle-deep in nasty water that smelled like it came from the sewer. There were a lot of skeevy-looking people waiting in line to pay the cashier for items they’d bought. (By “skeevy,” I mean they looked dodgy, like they were up to no good and potentially violent). I grabbed a soda, then went to stand in the line with the others. An African-American woman was standing there beside me and we were both looking at the murky water on the floor. Then she said the strangest thing — “They say if you stare at it long enough, the bodies come floating up.” I thought it was curious thing to say (never mind that it was odd that we were standing in water to start with), but then it was my turn to pay for my stuff.

I stepped up to the counter and the cashier rang up my purchase. I reached into my purse to get my wallet and couldn’t find any money. Instead all I could find were these 4 pieces of clear plastic with crosses printed on them. I slapped these on the counter, thinking they would be accepted as cash. The clerk picked them up, examined them then asked me, “I can see a number 2 written on here, so do you have one more payment to make?” Before I could answer, the African-American woman said, “Yes, she paid for all of them – I saw her.” I knew it was a lie, that I still owed money on the “cross credit-cards” but I let the lie persist and the clerk used them to pay for my purchase. I felt guilty that I didn’t correct what the other woman had said and instead lied by “omission.” As I left the store, all the skeevy-looking people that had been inside where now standing outside, by my car. They hadn’t paid me any attention before, but they were now. I realized then that I shouldn’t have sold he little plastic cards with the crosses on them. I got in my car and drove out of the parking lot and got back on the road. It wasn’t long before I came to a complete stop becuase there was contruction blocking the highway. I got out to see what it was and found that the road had washed out and a deep chasm stretched out in front of me. I looked down into it and decided there as no way I would ever get across unless I had those crosses back in my possession.

The dream faded from there and I then found myself in a run-down hotel. There was feces and filth everywhere I looked. I wanted to find a bathroom where I could wash my hands but but every restroom I found was so filthy I couldn’t bring myself to go on there. I kept walking until I entered the “lobby” of the hotel. There was a gathering or party of some kind going on. I noticed that everyone looked filthy, dressed in rags and covered in dirt. There was only one ‘clean’ person in the entire room – the presidential candidate TC. He was so clean he almost glowed. He was sitting at a table, talking to some people, all of whom were paying rapt attention to him, hanging on his every word. As I stepped into the room, he saw me and got up out of his chair. He walked over to me and hugged me like I was an old friend of his. I hugged him back, feeling awkward, aware that he must have mistaken me for someone else. That’s when he said, “Thank you for your help.” What help? I couldn’t think of anything I’d done to help him.

I woke up from that dream thinking for a split second that the dream was telling me that TC represented Jesus Christ. I quickly shook that off because I know that TC supports some things that Jesus wouldn’t (like GMO food, for instance, and some trade agreements). In other words, it’s about the man himself, but what he represents. Any student of the Bible knows that it has multiple meanings, like the layers of an onion.

April 1, 2016, Dream

I dreamed that I was in a hotel room but I wasn’t myself. I was “someone else” in the dream, but have no idea who it was. I was talking to TC, who was sitting in a chair in the room. He looked extremely tired, fed up, depressed. I asked him if he was tired enough to sleep, and he said “yes, I am.” And I replied, “Well, go to sleep then.” He went into the bedroom part of the suite and laid down, and immediately fell asleep. Then the dream changed.

I was sitting some distance away from TC as he was in yet another room full of people. I was still not ‘me,’ but somehow looking at the scene from the perspective of someone affiliated with the campaign. Again, TC was the only ‘clean’ one int he room, so clean that he literally shone with light as he was talking. This was so real that I could see every hair on his head, the kind of shirt he wore and and every small detail. He was giving his standard campaign spiel but the people looking at him weren’t really listening even though they appeared to be paying rapt attention. They were looking at him, wondering who he was. Even I wondered who he was – who he really was – as I watched him speak. He still looked very tired and depressed, like his heart wasn’t in it anymore. I knew he wanted to quit, but not because the campaign was hard but because not enough people believed in what he was trying to tell them. Then the scene faded and I woke up.

April 26, 2016, Dream

I dreamed that I was again in the room with TC, again the filth was everywhere and he was the only ‘clean’ person there. He was so tired and depressed that he didn’t ‘shine’ like he did in the previous dreams. But he seemed relieved, like a decision had been made. He finished speaking and left the room. People were excited, but I didn’t know what about. Next thing I know, I’m in a hotel room again, sitting on a couch. TC was there as well, but he was so tired that he was falling asleep while sitting up. He fell asleep and I got up and walked over to him, leaning in close to see if it was really ‘Him.’ I saw then that he wasn’t a messiah, just a man who believed in what he said. I turned and left the room. I knew he was done, that he had given up.

May 5, 2016, Dream

I was standing in crowd of people and they were all talking and ignoring me, It was as if they couldn’t see me. I was ‘me’ in this one, and I was trying to figure out who these people were and what they were talking about. One person separated themselves from the crowd and walked toward me. I saw that this person was TC. Again he approached me as if he knew me very well and he gave me a big hug, as if we were old friends greeting each other. I thought this was strange, knowing that I have never met him. He looked happy, and very relieved. He thanked me for my support and then turned and walked back to the crowd. The dream shifted and went to other things I don’t remember.

June 5, 2016, Dream

I was in this very large house, mansion-sized, and there were a bunch pf people in there as well. In this dream we had a lot of pets (cats and dogs. etc) to clean up after. The carpet was nasty and we decided we had to tear it out and just clean the bare concrete floor beneath it. We had to scrub the walls and so on and had to hurry because someone “special” was coming to visit soon. I kept asking people who was coming to see us? Who was so special that we had to scrub the entire house clean? Finally someone said TC’s name. After that, I could suddenly see that the house was still dirty beyond all reason. It stank of animal urine and the walls were dirty. I began to grab pieces of furniture and tossed them out through the front door and onto the lawn. Other people got the same idea and grabbed everything – clothes, furniture, dishes – and threw it out windows and windows. We were running out of time and we had to rush-clean the house.

Finally the house was clean enough that we brought in a huge table and a bunch of chairs to go around it. People put down a clean tablecloth and nice dishes, and someone else prepared food in the kitchen. I heard a commotion behind me and saw TC enter the room with a group of people. He looked around the house and he seemed dissatisfied. I knew then that despite all of our work, the house wasn’t clean enough. He talked quietly with the group of people while I and some others set the the food on the table. After a moment, someone came over to me and said that TC had to leave, that he wasn’t able to stay for dinner. He left the house and got into a long black limousine. I looked at the table and saw that someone had made an ice sculpture for the centerpiece. Inside that was a tiny “action figure” that looked like TC. As I wondered at this, someone said we just weren’t ready yet and that he’d come back when we were ready. I woke up at this point an considered the ice sculpture. The thought filled my mind that TC was being held in suspension for some reason, being kept “on ice,” and would return when he thought we were ready for him.


All throughout this series of dreams, I wondered why I kept seeing TC as being perfectly clean, or “unblemished” as it were. Everything seemed filthy compared to him. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean anything other than it highlighted some kind of pattern that I noticed unconsciously ever since the race for the presidency began. While DJT has his devout followers, TC also has his as well. I was one of them. The difference is that I felt and still do feel that TC should have been the GOP nominee. I don’t think TC could “fix” America, but that it was about a Choice we had to make. We had to choose which path we wanted to take and because DJT represented “America-that’was” (the World, the Flesh), the voters chose him instead. TC represented the “America-that-should-be.” TC is, in every sense of the word, a representation of the stone that the People rejected. The parallels to the story of Jesus are uncanny. The only difference is that to date, no one has been crucified except figuratively, by the media. America made it quite clear that not only was it not “ready” for the kind of  president that TC would have been but that they rejected everything about him. America, in my opinion, chose poorly.

– Jillian




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