Bright Blue Cloud Appears in the Western Sky, January 11, 2014

This wasn’t a dream or a vision, just something strange I saw that I still can’t explain. It occurred while I was still living in Yuma, Arizona. Time was about 9:30 PM and the sun had gone down, and been down for over 90 minutes. It was full dark outside when I saw this.

I was sitting in a lawn chair out on the back porch, working on my tablet when I noticed an odd blue glow in the horizon off to the west. The sky overhead was clear, starry sky and I didn’t see anything that could account for the light. As I watched, I noted that it was moving very fast towards me – so fast that by the time I got the camera to work on my tablet, it passed by overhead in a matter of seconds. It had disappeared out of view, past the roof of the house.

I got up and ran to the front yard and snapped a few pictures of it. It was so dark outside that the digital camera is slightly pixelated. The cloud disappeared moments later, and I was left wondering what kind of cloud could blow by so fast. It didn’t look like an aurora, didn’t have that tell-tale “ribbon” look to it, but was as bright as any picture of an aurora that I’d ever seen. There is an odd light anomaly in the photo as well, a disc-shaped orb of light that I think may have been a star off in the astern horizon. When you look at this photo, it appears to be “dawn,” but it isn’t. It’s about 9:30pm at night.

An interesting coincidence that I later noted about the sighting of this strange cloud is that several hours later, I found out on the news that Ariel Sharon (former Israeli prime minister) had died during the night. An interesting fact about Sharon is that not long after he ceded land from Gaza to the Hamas and the Palestinians, he fell into a coma a few days later and never woke up. Another famous rabbi, Yitzhak Kaduri, prophesied that the “Messiah would nt come until Ariel Sharon dies.” The story behind that can be found here:

So, after this sank in, and considering the timing in which I saw the cloud, I have to wonder…What if it was a manifestation of an angel coming to collect the soul of Ariel Sharon?


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