Vision of the Map – January, 2015

I don’t recall the exact date of this one, as I’d scribbled it down while half-asleep and didn’t write down the date. I posted about it on Facebook as well, a couple of days later. This was an open vision that I saw play out in front of my eyes, like a “movie” of sorts that was superimposed over the objects and things in my bedroom. It occurred just after midnight.

I saw a map – an old one, with no states or boundaries written on it, but it was obviously America. (much like the one I’m using to illustrate here, except no words were on it, just the drawing of a land mass with rivers, etc).

As I watched this, the land mass began to come alive on the paper, shaking, moving and I saw tectonic movement. Then a hole appeared over the area that is roughly covering the borders of CA, AZ and NV, and a flame popped up in the middle of it. The map was burning as if someone was holding a lighter under it. The hole grew wider and spread east as the flame began to eat more and more of the ancient paper.

The flame spread further, and I got the impression that this was a natural event, like volcanic or some kind of a split in the earth with magma pouring out. I also got the impression that this would lead to war. Then the vision faded.

I have no scripture to support this, no idea what it means. Seems like a great quake or possibly a volcanic event. Posting here in case something turns up in the news, someone has a similar vision or else scripture turns up to support it.



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