The Green Goddess and the Zombie Apocalypse – dream from Sept. 18, 2014

I have had strange, incredibly vivid dreams ever since I was a small child. Often, they’re a source for some of my short stories. Sometimes they’re so strange that I can’t make sense of them, but then a few years will go by and suddenly it will make a lot of sense. This is one of those dreams.

It started out very real, and though in real life I was unemployed at the time, I dreamed I’d finally gotten a job. I was living here in Washington State and I was working inside a huge office building. It was a graphic design job but the graphics department was huge – as many as thirty or forty computers in each section of the floor I was on – and somehow I knew there were many more floors with yet more graphics designers. It seemed to be an advertising firm of some kind or maybe a large newspaper, but I  couldn’t figure out where my station was. Next thing I know, I’m being called into the boss’s office and he’s firing me for being dishonest. I don’t know exactly what it was that I had been dishonest about, but I ended up having to leave the building.

As I was leaving the building, suddenly all the lights went out and all the emergency doors slammed shut. I found myself trapped inside the lobby area with several other people. we shook the door handles but none would open. Through the huge glass windows I could see the daylight suddenly darken, like a huge bank of cloud blotted out the sun so completely that it looked like night-time. I told one of the other people standing there that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to go outside the building after all. Something really bad was happening outside.

As we looked out through the windows, I started seeing people emerging from other buildings and getting out of their cars. As they did so, they began to “change” or morph into these horrible half-human/half-ape creatures. They screamed and howled, then began beating on cars and windows, tearing their clothes off and chaos took over. One by one, all the people outside in the false twilight changed into beasts. The beasts suddenly noticed me and the people beside me looking at them through the glass and they charged as one huge mob right toward us. Then I heard screaming and yelling behind me somewhere in the darkness of the building. Somehow the ape-creatures had gotten inside and were now attacking people.

I ran up a flight of stairs, frantic, trying every door along the way and searching for a place to hide. I found myself running down a long hallway and all the offices were locked. I turned a corner and stopped when I saw one of the ape-creatures chewing the face off of a victim I couldn’t identify as either male or female. It looked up at me and gave this unearthly howl and launched itself toward me. I ran back in the direction I’d just come from. The monster’s face was hideous. Neither man nor ape, but some strange chimera between the two, and there was something “wrong” with it, like it wasn’t really alive. It was a zombie-monkey-man and it wanted to tear me apart. I turned a corner and then found a room that was open. I  ran inside and slammed the door shut behind me.

I realized then that I was in an office that had lots of big windows – ones through which the creature could see me. I ducked down behind a chair and it started beating on the glass. I heard a woman call out behind me and when I turned, a lady stood by an open door, urging me to hurry inside. I went in and all of a sudden her face changed. She was smiling and telling me that she’d let me hide in her office where the monkey-zombies couldn’t get in IF I handed her my key to the building so that she could leave. I produced the key and handed it to her and she ran off toward the office where the monkey-zombie had just crashed through broken glass. I cowered behind a desk and that’s when I heard the woman yell, “She’s in there! Go get her!”

I muttered and cursed under my breath because the woman had betrayed me, even though I already somehow knew that she would do so.

Incredibly, I found yet another door behind the desk and opened it. Then I was off and running again, down yet another long, darkened hallway. Eventually I found the end of it and discovered an old-timey phone booth standing there. It was one of those kind you might see in a movie from the 1940’s with the ancient two-piece phone that you had to crank in order to use it. I pushed the door open and found a little boy sitting on the seat inside. He was wearing old-fashioned clothing, reminding me of Little Lord Fauntleroy. I told the boy that I had to get into the booth and hide too, because the monkey-men were already coming down the hallway toward us. I tried to squeeze in, but the little boy screamed and yelled, “Get her! She’s here! Get her!”

The monkey-men howled and ran after me as I bolted down yet another hallway. I decided then to try to find the uppermost floor of the building. For what seemed like an hour or two, I went up and up flights of stairs until I could no longer hear the creatures at all. I burst into a room at the top of the last flight of stairs and found a room full of people sitting around a huge table – the kind you’d see in a CEO’s board room. They all turned to look at me and right away I noticed something off about their eyes and the way they smiled at me. They were in mid-transformation to become more ape-zombies, but had somehow halted the process and were now still trying to pretend they were “normal.” One of them greeted me and told me to come in and shut the door.

It occurred to me that I’d better pretend that I hadn’t noticed there was anything wrong with the people around the table. I asked them which way led outside and one man smiled through huge, yellow monkey-teeth and pointed at a door on the other side of the room. I ran to that door and went through. I found myself in some kind of atrium where there were trees, flowers and plants blooming everywhere. There was a small stream that wove through the enormous room and somewhere beyond the vegetation came the sound of a waterfall or large fountain. I wandered in, enjoying the sights and sounds of the odd garden. There was a narrow trail through it and I followed it to the center of the atrium.

As I peeked out through some bushes, I saw about twenty or so of the ape-creatures gathered around a stunningly beautiful, red-haired woman. She was clad in a gauzy garment, light green in color, and reclining in a throne-like chair beside a rippling pool of water. She had a small gold crown on her head and I guessed she was a queen or a mythical goddess of some kind. The ape-men adored her, taking turns laying their heads in her bosom or at her feet. She stroked their hideous heads and faces like they were her favorite pets. I saw then that this woman had somehow caused the “change” that had happened to everyone inside and outside the building. I also figured out that the ape-men were all lusting after her, each one growling and hissing at each other as they vied for her attention.

The woman then called out a name in some language I didn’t understand and two men walked up. They said “hi” to me as if they knew me. They went to her and she reached down into the water and grabbed a soap-filled sponge. The men knelt down before her and let her squeeze the soapy water over them. The scene was like some crazy kind of baptism. As the water poured over them, they began to change into more ape creatures. I could see their eyes go dull and flat and they stared only at the woman who was bathing them. Two more men walked past me. I called out to one of them and when he turned to look at me, I whispered, “Don’t do it. She will take your soul.”

He shook his head and grinned like I’d said the most silliest thing and he went on to kneel before the woman. The other man who had come with him, though, suddenly turned and ran away, back into the board room. I ran behind him and when I went through the door, suddenly I was outside of the building altogether.

People were standing all around me, still human, but they had piercings everywhere – nose rings, eyebrow pins, safety pins through their lips and so on. They weren’t just decorative piercings, they were covered in them. They had bodies covered in tattoos as well – every square inch of skin was marked. Thy stared at me like they’d suddenly figured out that I was an “enemy” of theirs, but they remained where they were because they were all standing in a long, long line to go into the building to see the woman.

I looked back and the building was gone. Nothing but the ape creatures, the woman sitting by the pool of water and the tattooed/pierced people waiting to see her and be doused with the soapy water. They were so focused on her that they no longer noticed me. The woman herself had taken off her gown,  completely nude as she “baptized” each person. They all lusted after her, both men and women. I somehow knew that this woman, whoever she was, could not copulate or bear a child, so this was what she did instead. A voice filled my mind then and it said, “She cannot give birth to a child, but she is going to give birth to Chaos.”

And that’s when I woke up.

I looked up goddesses and mythical queens and I was led right back to Diana, also known as Astarte, Astaroth, Ashtoreth. Then I saw the drawings of the “Green Goddess” also known as “Green Tara” in the Buddhist belief system. The drawings looked just like the woman I saw. The goddess is often depicted sitting by a pool of water and holding a flask or an urn of some kind. I don’t know enough about her to comment any further, but this was the form that this particular dream took. When I had this dream I had no idea what would happen in the election two years later. I was with dismay as people I’d known for a very long time began to follow each candidate like cult-members. People on both sides caused trouble, mayhem, fights and so on. They “changed” into people I didn’t recognize anymore. They turned into violent zombies who would happily beat you down if you criticized their leader of choice. I couldn’t choose between two evils, so I chose a third party, casting my vote into the wind. A choice was offered here, and millions of people made theirs. When they did, they got into it all the way.

There’s no Bible verse for this one,  and I believe that this dream was my mind’s way of making sense of the sea-change in the culture of America. Bear in mind, I had this dream before anyone knew who would be running for office of president. The Change Agents have arrived and openly they lust after the World, Diana, the Flesh. I’ve never heard of the Green Tara before, and I will look into the story behind her a bit further.

Until later,


Note – painting of the Green Goddess that appears in this post came from this site:


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