What does being “in the spirit” mean? Some thoughts…

The Lord has dealt with me a great deal regarding dreams over the past year and so that’s one of the reasons I haven’t posted a larger number of them by now. Just for the record, I am not 100% prepared to say any of the dreams I’ve posted here are divine in nature. If they were strange, seemed to be incredibly vivid or significant somehow, I wrote them down. There are way too many to post and upon further reflection, if they’re not at least close to meeting the threshold of being from the Lord God, then there’s no reason in posting them, save for mild entertainment value. And, sorry, I’m not doing this to entertain people.

I’m aware of the various verses in the Bible that refer to God speaking to us through dreams or while we sleep (in the Book of Job and other places). I’m also painfully aware of the several times the Bible has emphasized that it’s really not a good idea to say that a dream, vision or “word” you receive is from God unless you’re absolutely sure. So, while the dreams I’ve posted are pretty epic, there are maybe only two or three that I can say with some confidence that could be divinely-given. Amongst the ones that are suspect as being given from other means, at least two of those have begun to happen, though, which confuses me.

Most of the OBE experiences I’ve had (barely mentioned on this blog, mostly because seeking an OBE is forbidden since I gave my life to Jesus) have shown me some interesting things, but none of it was “prophetic.” I don’t claim to be a prophet and never have. In fact, nothing irritates me more than scrolling through Facebook, YouTube or other social media platform and seeing self-styled prophets who literally have named themselves “Prophet” or “Prophetess” like a title in front of their name. Many of those have thousands of followers as well, many of them affirming every post. Can I honestly say these people aren’t prophets? No.

While God does sometimes tap people with this kind of gift, in my view it is exceedingly rare and definitely shouldn’t be used for increasing popularity or for purposes of monetary gain. On Facebook, I have maybe 150 followers and less than 1/4 of them even “like” my posts. I started this blog with the intention of sharing these dreams in the hope that someone somewhere could offer an interpretation. A few people have, and one in particular was very insightful and I value his opinion. Others that I’ve been listening to lately have stated that most dreams are not worthy of talking about and most likely all my dreams are not from God at all. Some have said they’re straight from hell. Maybe, but then again, maybe not.

I’ve been giving a great deal of thought lately to why I’m even bothering with this blog at all. Every time I think about just deleting everything altogether, something stops me. It’s like it’s for someone else to see later on, maybe even years from now. To someone at some point in time, something I’ve said here will be of value. I don’t know which one, or if it’s something I haven’t even written down yet. Only time will tell.

As far as “being in the spirit” goes, it is my belief that when we dream, while our physical brain sleeps, our spirits wander. I believe that this is exactly what the Biblical prophets mean by being “in the spirit.” I believe that sometimes, in our constant search for God, we Christians tend to do a lot of overthinking things, always too quick to condemn something we don’t understand. Some may say they understand perfectly, but unless you were there 2000-3000 years ago, you can’t really say that, can you?

I dabbled in the occult for many years, even though I didn’t really understand that this was what I was doing until recently. Once I realized how far down the proverbial “rabbit hole” I’d gone, I repented of it. Everything even remotely tied to the occult went into the trash – I couldn’t get it out of my house fast enough. Ever since Jesus took up residence in my heart, 90% of the bad dreams have stopped. It was like He flipped a switch and the high strangeness ceased entirely. This told me right away that most of the paranormal activity I experienced was demonic in nature. Naturally, once I got rid of this stuff, I wanted to warn other people against it. I want to strengthen my discernment and also bring these warnings to others. It’s best to never get involved in it at all, but if you have or currently are, it can be very difficult to fight your way out of it. This blog is one of the ways I’m trying to do that.

I have several full diaries describing all sorts of “high strangeness” and other experiences involving spirit-walking and remote viewing. During the height of my involvement in studying the supernatural, I actually took  training in remote viewing – and got very good at it. The thing is, RV was the “gateway drug” that opened the whole Pandora’s Box of strangeness that began happening to me. I could still do it right now, but again, this is something the Lord frowns upon, so I don’t “go there” anymore. If you are tempted to try this, please don’t. The Second Heaven is a dangerous place and if you don’t know what you’re doing, if you’re not strong in spiritual warfare (I wasn’t), you can get lost there – or worse. God may at times lift us up in the spirit to make us see things or bring a situation to our attention, but those times are very few and far between. These happen spontaneously and only when God allows it, usually to further edify your faith or to suit whatever purpose He may deem necessary.

In Ezekiel 8, we are shown the prophet Ezekiel being lifted up and taken away “in the spirit.” Many of my experiences were just like this, where I felt like a giant invisible hand picked me up and moved me to different places with the speed of thought.

Ezekiel 8:1-3

1It came about in the sixth year, on the fifth day of the sixth month, as I was sitting in my house with the elders of Judah sitting before me, that the hand of the Lord GOD fell on me there. 2Then I looked, and behold, a likeness as the appearance of a man; from His loins and downward there was the appearance of fire, and from His loins and upward the appearance of brightness, like the appearance of glowing metal. 3He stretched out the form of a hand and caught me by a lock of my head; and the Spirit lifted me up between earth and heaven and brought me in the visions of God to Jerusalem, to the entrance of the north gate of the inner court, where the seat of the idol of jealousy, which provokes to jealousy, was located.…”

This fascinated me, mainly because my experiences that I’ve had in dreams and in semi-consciousness were very similar. While I never saw an angel of the Lord like Ezekiel saw, I did sense a presence there that was moving me along. Again, looking back, I have considered this and more than likely at least some of my experiences were not involving angels but something else. However, I was shown things that at the time made no sense until much later on, when real-life events filled in the blanks or explained what I saw. I can’t get into those, and I will not post them online. That said, I’ve seen things that most people haven’t. I’ve been to places I can’t even begin to describe except by relating it to what I’ve read in the Bible. This never made me “special,” it only made me a fool. These experiences were also some of the most terrifying things I’ve ever seen.

False prophets often claim they’ve been caught up into heaven and have stood on God’s throne or just outside the pearly gates. Others say they were given a tour of heaven and told different things. Again, some may be true, but some are probably not true. This is where I struggle with discernment. How to tell between the fakers and the real deal? You go by what it says in the Bible.

When I join a Christian-based website or message board, I’m frequently tempted to share my experiences there. But I don’t because after I’ve lurked there for a few days and see what kind of people frequent the place, I end up saying nothing and leaving because I know I won’t be believed. In some social media platforms and message boards, I occasionally find people who have set themselves up as “prophets” and they usually have an inner circle of friends who have been there since the site was founded. I don’t even try to fit into these places, there’s no point. I have a hard time talking to people anyway and when everyone else knows each other and I’m the stranger, 9,999 times out f 10,000, I will be shunned and ignored. So that’s why I haven’t shared this page as much as originally intended.

Why is it so difficult for other Christians to believe there are other “heavens” out there – a second and third heaven? How can one claim to believe in God but not accept what the Bible says is fact?

Because of this resistance, I’ve also not shared the Gospel like I should, have kept things to myself and not reached out to people. I’ve been called a spy, a troll, a fake (because if my dreams really were prophetic, according to some, I’d have tons of followers by now) and even worse, a “fake Christian.” It’s like people can sense my need to discuss this and instantly begin pushing me away. Meanwhile, I’m still learning every day, still studying the Word and doing what I can to understand what it means to truly love God. And I ask myself, why was I given all these dreams if not a single one of them means anything? Why share them at all?

So I’m here wondering why I still feel the need to share my story. It’s long and probably hard to get through, but I’ve yet to post it. Maybe I will in the coming days. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone except God. He has been there with me all along and I owe Him my life. Maybe just putting these dreams and thoughts up here is an exercise in humility or fellowship. I’m starting to get a grip on humility, but I don’t do fellowship very well. Perhaps in time that will change, God willing.

Until later,


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