Dreams of Imminency: Time is Running Out

When I was fifteen, I was obsessed with the Book of Revelation. As described in my post concerning the apocalyptic dream I had in 1984, I sought answers in Revelations and struggled with the imagery in it. I couldn’t make sense of any of it. The Lutheran church I attended back in those days never took up the topic of the end times and the subject would be avoided whenever I brought it up. I wish I’d had better instruction in the Bible at the time, so I might not have had to figure it out all on my own.

The 1984 dream affected me deeply, plus one has to take into consideration that those days (the early 80’s) were filled with images of Cold War propaganda and the constant reminders that we were only one minute to midnight on the doomsday clock. I filled my journals with dark poetry and recorded nightmares that seemed to occur every night.  What the UFO mavens refer to as “high strangeness” peaked for me around the age of 15. I recorded the experiences as dreams because that’s what I thought they were. Extremely realistic dreams, yes, but still just the product of what my parents called an overactive imagination.

They truly had no idea about what I “saw” because other than my journals, I told no one. When Mom started to snoop in my journals to find out if I was on drugs or something (I wasn’t), I was sent to see a psychiatrist. Funny thing is, a certain ‘society’ intervened at that point and I was sent off to a camp for girls where I was taught about things that served me well later in life – how to set a table, use proper etiquette, how to walk with dignity, sit like a lady, and so on. I also learned other things there, too – how to read tea leaves and other occultic dabblings I had no business knowing.

It was after this trip to the lodge in the mountains and the all-day hike up Devil’s Slide Trail  that the “strangeness” I experienced  began to recede. It went away, for the most part, for the next ten or so years. During those early years, I wrote in my journals in code. I invented it to keep Mom from reading my stuff because even I recognized it was getting rather “out there.” I lost the key to that code over the years, so the ironic thing is now I can’t read several of my own journals from that time period. I safely locked those years away, hiding them from my older self.

Even back then, though, I understood that I was being shown the days to come, and I puzzled constantly over symbolism, wondering why I was dreaming about these things to start with. I tried to imagine what the Fifth Dimension looked like, and I contemplated why I was looking at the world through my particular eyes and not someone else’s. I tried to visualize the stream of time and the role it played in how we view our reality. I tackled the subject what sort of super-being God is, and couldn’t wrap my mind around Him, either.

Reading those old journals (the ones I wrote in plain English) reminds me how I  believed that Time itself was going to play a big role in what I would come to understand about the events to occur during the times of the end. Since I was looking at this world through my eyes and trying to sort it out with my admittedly skewed thought process, I wondered what my place was in all of it, and if I wasn’t part of it somehow, then why am I even here?

These were pretty heavy thoughts for a teenage kid who still had Barbies arranged on her dresser and only a few years earlier abandoned belief in Santa Claus. I didn’t just have a vivid imagination, I had an eidetic memory and could think not just in images but in full 360-degree video where I could mentally examine a scene or conversation from a thousand different camera angles. I still have that ability, that has not changed. I built entire worlds in my mind, worlds I would visit whenever I was tormented by other kids at school or when given a hard time at home. It was the ultimate escape.

Why does this matter? Because as lively as my imagination was back then, my dreams were and still are far more vivid. They felt like I was actually going places, experiencing real things in incredible detail. Still, I thought that was normal. I thought everyone had that ability. Imagine my surprise when I discovered later on that not only do most people not experience this, but they looked at me like I had two heads when I tried to talk about it. Hence the psychiatrist, who didn’t get it, either, I might add.

But what does this have to do with Time and the Apocalypse? I’m getting to it…

Bear in mind, I am a high-functioning autistic. I didn’t know it then, and I wouldn’t find out what was “wrong” with me until my early forties. For lack of a better explanation, my brain runs on a different “operating system” than most other people. So, even though I knew that my thoughts weren’t like those of my peers, I couldn’t figure out why I was also receiving these incredibly vivid dreams and nightmares, the open visions as well as experiencing the missing-time phenomenon on multiple occasions. I thought at the time that everyone went through this, that it wasn’t just me. The difference, I felt,  was that I was willing to ask about it and no one else (including my church’s pastor)  was willing to even try to explain. I was told in no uncertain terms to stop talking about it or I’d end up in the nuthouse. So I shut up about it.

Instead, I wrote everything down in the hope that once I got older, I’d know how to ask the right people the right questions in order to get the truthful answers. Little did I know that the Bible had those answers for me the whole time. However, just reading the Word over and over without having it explained to me led me to instead interpret it my own way, which was nowhere even close to the truth.

I told you all of the above to tell you this: In order to “hear” what God is saying, you have to learn how to listen. He’s been shouting at me for years, and I just didn’t get it. I finally learned how to listen only in the last several years and there are still a lot of times when I don’t always know if what I’m seeing/hearing is the correct interpretation. That’s why I’ve sought out mentors to help me with this. However, God in the Holy Spirit has been the best mentor of all, as He leads me by using my own strange, pattern-seeking brain. I just had to get out of the way, stop being sidetracked by unimportant details and let Him guide me. Apparently I’m on the right track because now I’m finding articles and testimonies from other people who have been actively seeking God and they report the same phenomena.

The phenomena is, in a nutshell, seeing certain things that begin to stand out to you, especially when tied directly to scripture. Take for instance this past couple of weeks, when I began seeing symbolic references to clocks and time, as well as verses from the Bible that refer to Time. I’ve dreamed about seeing clocks in different places, particularly houses where I’m trying to get ready for guests to arrive. When I get hammered with imagery along a certain topic or subject, I read about it in the Bible. I also look it up online and in reference books.

As if to drive this nail in deeper, I’ll be picking up on a given topic, pick out a particular scripture and read it, think about it. Then within a little while something completely random will happen, like I’ll overhear someone sitting nearby mention that exact scripture. Or, sometimes it shows up as three or more people posting the same verse out of literal nowhere. Then I’ll hear in a Sunday sermon at church.

That’s how I know the Holy Spirit is trying to make me consider something, teach me a lesson about it. When I try to explain this to a nonbeliever, they think I’m insane. You’d be surprised how many nonbelievers there are in most churches. I also believe that for this reason, (as well as the fact that it is stated in the Bible – Book of Job) that God speaks to us in dreams. when I dream multiple times about a given subject or symbol, the Holy Spirit is tapping me on the shoulder, telling me to pay attention.

Something big is coming.

Right now, the topic seems to be Time and the imminency of something huge about to happen. Something strange about it, something odd going on. I’ve noticed that since the time changed over to Daylight Savings, clocks on my computers and devices both at work and at home have been “off.” Some by more than an hour, some even a day off. I got an email the other day that I know had been sent a few minutes earlier, yet the time stamp was the day before or an hour before. These kind of errors are all over the place, not even consistent. None of it makes sense because computers are programmed to keep the time – they reference the internet to do so. It’s like something somewhere is messed up and it’s affecting the clocks.

Clocks and the measurement of Time are critical to my job, in addition to how I measure out my day. They’re important to record-keeping and in other things like how much time I’ve worked and how much I’m being paid. So I notice when something’s off, especially on the computer I use at work, which was always correct before. Until the other day.

What does this mean? I am not certain, but the Bible does mention something prophetic about changes in the “times and the laws.” It comes in the Book of Daniel, where he is talking about the “little horn” in Chapter 7.

25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time. – Daniel 7:25

It’s one of the signs of the Anti-Christ; a change in the laws concerning Time. In my opinion (for what it’s worth) this could mean the eventual doing-away with Daylight Savings time, as some have been calling for. And the changes in the “laws” governing physics and Time itself, perhaps. The Anti-Christ, like everything else that’s happening now, will not just pop up overnight. There are always harbingers of things to come. I think the problems with Time itself (the dilation or quickening of it) and the devices I rely on to keep track of it are yet another harbinger. Jesus refers to this sense of imminency in describing the “birth pains” in Matthew 24.

I got to thinking about the pervasive feeling Imminency that a lot of Christians are noticing these days, and how it relates to the “birth pains.” I’ve been led to read the Book of Isaiah on this subject of the Rapture and the Doctrine of Imminency. Lo and behold, Isaiah speaks of it as well. Could Isaiah be pointing us to the Rapture event? I believe he does, and it’s done chronologically, particularly in Chapter 26.  It proceeds on, lining up with Revelations through Chapter 28 and beyond. Obviously John the Revelator was familiar with Isaiah and the other prophets, as well as Jesus Christ. But the neat thing about the Bible is that most of it was written without these considerations because much of the latter part of the Old Testament wasn’t shared widely and the New Testament wasn’t even written until after Paul’s day. It was just a collection of scrolls and letters. Yet it all lines up.

People who are unwilling to accept the concept of Rapture completely ignore these chapters in Isaiah. This verse, below, was touched on by Jesus in the book of Matthew, when He talking to His disciples about the last days:

“16 Lord, in trouble have they visited thee, they poured out a prayer when thy chastening was upon them.

17 Like as a woman with child, that draweth near the time of her delivery, is in pain, and crieth out in her pangs; so have we been in thy sight, O Lord.

18 We have been with child, we have been in pain, we have as it were brought forth wind; we have not wrought any deliverance in the earth; neither have the inhabitants of the world fallen.

19 Thy dead men shall live, together with my dead body shall they arise. Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust: for thy dew is as the dew of herbs, and the earth shall cast out the dead.

20 Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.

21 For, behold, the Lord cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.” – Isaiah 26:16-21

Verse 19 refers directly to the rising of the dead in the end times, and verse 20 refers to the Rapture, where the believers who Overcome are hidden away for a time until the indignation (Tribulation and later, Wrath) has passed and Jesus returns in the Second Coming. Isaiah is echoed throughout the book of Revelation, as is Daniel and Jesus Christ. The Song of Solomon has parts all through it about the woman (Israel, and also the Bride of Christ, His Church) and how she hears a knock at the door. It’s the man she loves, but she goes back to sleep. He leaves and she’s missed him. By the time she wakes up again later, he is gone. She goes to town to look for Him, but no sign of him. The references to both Israel (Bride of God) and the church (Bride of Christ) represent the two brides in the tale of Jacob’s Trouble. Again, this is another reference to the end times.

Jacob’s Trouble refers to the story of how Jacob had to work for 7 years (always that “7” symbolism popping up) to get his bride, and he was given a woman to marry. Even though she was a good wife and he loved her, she wasn’t really the one he wanted. He is told that he has to work 7 more years to get the one he really wants. He does so and finally gets the woman he has desired for so long. This is essentially an allegory for the Rapture of the church (the first bride) and then the salvation of the Jewish when Jesus returns, after they finally come to understand and accept that Jesus is their Messiah and always has been. God has always loved Israel, even throughout the times He punished her for disobedience over the millennia. Time and understanding how it is represented in the Bible plays a big role in how the end time prophecies are interpreted by different kinds of believers.

It is my view, as well as the view of others I’ve talked to, that Time itself (the dimension of Time) plays a role in the event of the Rapture. The Rapture event will be brought on by the fulfillment of several prophecies (Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 38, Psalm 83 and other) as well as a singular event that causes what Paul described as occurring in the “twinkling of an eye,” a segment of Time that is far shorter than a second. Something happening that is sudden, devastating and occurring almost instantaneously. There are many debates as to what this event might be, but whatever that turns out to be, the end result is the Rapture. The rising of the dead as well as the subsequent removal of “those that remain.” Rapture will not be a clean and tidy thing. It will be devastating. A friend of mine has described what he believes it will occur in this link here:

Tribulation Rising: What Will the Rapture Look Like

In light of the strange weather phenomena, the increased in ambient static in the air and other things, it does seem to appear that this prediction of what the Rapture will look like may indeed happen. It will not be people rising into the air or popping out of existence, leaving a pile of folded clothes behind (though Jesus did leave His burial garments behind neatly folded). The Bible mentions a third of the trees and grasses, etc all burned up. It mentions the sky rolling open like a scroll, animals and fish dying off, and other rather scary details. It doesn’t sound pretty at all. And it can happen literally at any time, when people least expect it.

For the non-raptured, it will be a devastating, global event. It won’t wipe everyone out, but everyone the world over will know that something incredibly important just happened. The world leaders will have to explain it away, as well as explain off the fact that once the smoke clears, millions of people are suddenly gone. Sudden destruction will come along with the rapture, the believers removed to a place of safety, just like in the days of Noah and the days of Lot.

My dreams in which clocks have appeared as symbolic objects lately as well as the freshly-painted houses and the wedding guests at the very doors suggest to me that this event is very, very close. So, if you understand what exactly the rapture is, you will begin to see it laid out all through the Bible, nearly plain as day. I see it in almost every book of the Bible, even in the first five books written by Moses. every book of the Bible has Jesus in it, as well. There are some interesting studies on this topic, and are worth checking out if you have time.

But hurry, time is running short. The rapture isn’t about escaping suffering, it’s about becoming part of the army that Christ raises for His Return with thousand upon thousands of His saints. If you understand Jacob’s Trouble and the Song of Solomon, you know that the end times events are all about God’s first love Israel. It’s about saving her. She missed His knock the first time He came by to claim her, but He will return for her. Israel is God’s timepiece. Everything revolves around her and whatever happens to her tells the rest of us where we are prophetically when it comes to the last days of this world and the beginning of the Millennium of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

I know now why I am here. For whatever reason, God allowed me to be here as one witness among millions of others just like me with a front row seat of the greatest events now underway in human history. Events of a level that has never been seen before nor ever will be again.

Seek His face, reach out to Jesus for His hand of salvation while there is still time, and while He may yet be found.

Until later,



*Image credit – clock artwork created by Norvz Austria



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