Do you serve God, or Mammon?

This is just a quick post to remark upon the incident that occurred with a major airline that forcibly removed a man from his seat on an overbooked flight to make room for four airline employees. I was horrified when I saw this video, just like many people were. But the thing is, everyone on that flight failed a test. A big one.

The other passengers can’t claim they didn’t know what was going on. They were all asked to voluntarily give up their seats. None did. Not even when a man – a doctor who had to get where he was going on time in order to check on his patients – was dragged, knocked unconscious and bloodied, then taken off of the plane. No one stood up and said, “Whoa, wait – he can have my seat!” No one said anything; they just took video. No one wanted to be inconvenienced by taking a later flight. No, they just let a man get snatched up and thrown out while everyone waited for someone else to act. And no one did. But everyone got some really awesome and very controversial video!

They’d all paid good money for their seats, as did the man. Not a single person stood up to help, figuring well, he’s going to sue the heck out of the airline for it. He probably will. I don’t side with the airline on this, they were very wrong for this action. I will never use that airline again – ever. But it’s not just the airline who was the “bad guy” here. It was everyone who sat there, watched this go down and did nothing.

Would you have given up your seat? As soon as I’d seen what they were doing to this man, I’d have given him my seat. I’d have walked off that plane, along with anyone I’d brought with me. Have you ever read about the Milgram experiment? Now might be a good time to do so, because it reveals a hideous side of human nature – a similar version of what happened here.

Do you serve God or Mammon?

Seems to me that everyone else on that plane that day was serving Mammon. And it was a loaded plane, so there had to be at least a few Christians on that flight, too.

That should tell you something.

12Because of the multiplication of wickedness , the love of most will grow cold. 13But the one who perseveres to the end will be saved.…” Matt 24″12-13

Until later,


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Updated: Apparently news stories say this man who has been dragged off the flight had a past problem in 2006 with selling medical prescriptions to pay for sex with a male prostitute. Why this is relevant to a passenger getting beaten up for refusing to give a seat after being bumped from the flight he’d already boarded, but it apparently matters. Never mind that overbooking is selling seats that don’t exist, and that they man was dragged away to make room for employees who could have driven from Chicago to St. Louis. But it’s “okay” to rough up a passenger because we later find out that he probably “had it coming.” Maybe it’s the Lord getting him for something he’d done that he hadn’t been caught for? Who knows. What gets me is how easily this rough treatment is dismissed by the public, because, well he had it coming. That makes everything okay, then, doesn’t it?

Nothing to see here. Keep moving along.

– J.



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