Revisiting the Four Pillars vision of Jun 10, 2016 – an update

iIn light of events occurring in regard to N. Korea and the armada that Trump is sending to that region as a result of recent tensions reminds me of that vision. To recap, that was as follows:

The vision:

A scene unfolded before my eyes, featuring four tall Grecian-style pillars standing in an open field with brilliant green grass and a blue sky just beyond. There were words carved into the length of each one. As the picture I drew shows, the far left pillar had the word “RESPECT,” the next pillar had “LOVE,” the third had “WAR,” and finally the far right one had “SACRIFICE” written there. While I pondered the meaning of this, a crow flew in and alighted on the “RESPECT” pillar. It began walking around on the top of it and pecking intermittently at the stone. As it did this, I saw a beautiful white dove land on the “SACRIFICE” pillar. It sat there for a time, watching the crow pecking away at RESPECT.

4pillar with birds
My drawing of the vision of the 4 Pillars I had on June 13, 2015

For some reason a thought filled my mind at that moment that each pillar represented an “Art,” and I understood that there is an Art of Respect, Art of Love, Art of War and Art of Sacrifice. It was as though they were endeavors that required a certain protocol to them and each bird represented people. (Individuals. I didn’t realize which individuals until much later). As the crow pecked away at its pillar, another crow flew in and landed on “LOVE,” and a seagull flew in as well, landing on “WAR.” The second crow was agitated, walking around frantically on its pillar while the seagull and dove continued to watch them.

Suddenly a huge crack appeared in the “RESPECT” pillar and big chunks of it fell off. I saw that it was about to crumble. The crow that did the damage seemed satisfied at what it had done. It flapped its wings and hopped over to the “LOVE” pillar and both crows began pecking at it. Small cracks began to appear in it almost immediately.

As this was going on, the dove on the “SACRIFICE” pillar began flapping its wings. It rose up and flew away. The seagull remained on its pillar, watching the two crows. It was as if it was waiting for the two crows to finish destroying “LOVE.”  Then the vision faded away.

My original post and a commentary from a theologian friend of mine on this particular vision is here:

As the events unfolded since the election and the first 100 days of this current presidency, the pillars are beginning to make a lot more sense.

Overall – 4 pillars support this nation.  Respect, Love, War and Sacrifice.

Pillar 1 – “Respect”  –  Being chipped away by one crow (political party) and it crumbles away.
Any respect people had for the Republican or Democrat parties has been decimated thanks to both candidates for president. As I’ve stated in the past, we had the choice of two evils and we had to try to figure out which was the “lesser” of the two. I voted 3rd party because I couldn’t bring myself for either of them.

Pillar 2 – “Love” – with two crows chipping away on it.
The winning candidate joins the losing candidate, and two parties working together to destroy “Love,” which represents “patriotism” and “religion” (as well as many other things, including removing God (Who is Love) from the public square. The country is divided, people are still arguing over the election three months later and several riots and street fights have broken out. Tension is rising in regard to Russia, Iran and Turkey. Russians accused of interfering in the U.S. elections.

*Note – it is entirely possible that it wasn’t the Russians, but a response of divine nature considering the act that the Democrats sent NGO’s to Israel during their elections in an attempt to oust Netanyahu. God states that anyone who tries to hurt Israel will get the same in return. Just saying…

Pillar 3 – “War” with  seagull sitting on top, watching the other two crows picking away at “Love.”
Seagull – “sea” and as occurred to me when I made the post is that this seems to indicate “War at Sea” or “war overseas” involving our Navy. I pictured it being against China, but N. Korea also in the region, and China has been meeting with Trump about it.

Pillar 4 – “Sacrifice” – A dove that had been sitting atop this pillar suddenly takes flight. Several thoughts came to me about that imagery – the Holy Spirit (the Restrainer) leaving after the  possibly a “Sacrifice” of some kind of political leader or group. Also could represent Rapture?

As my friend noted, this image of 4 pillars and the birds represents a timeline. It seems to be “on schedule.” Trump called it an “armada.”

Note the news story pasted below in regard to N. Korea:


– Jillian


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