The Dream of the Great Sukkah (tent-house), May 19, 2017

Apologies for any typos – scrawled this down while half-asleep. At the time of this writing, I’ve just woken up from a very disturbing dream that had different levels of meaning. It had a very personal meaning in regard to my marriage and my family, and another that is directed toward other Christians and their family, as well as the world as a whole. I saw imagery that I had to write down as soon as I woke up because the bulk of this came (in my opinion) as a result of a prayer I’d made just before bed, in regard to some things going on in my life and about why the Lord pointed me to the book of Jeremiah, particularly Chapter 49 and verse 19 (but really the whole chapter where he warns the remnant of Judah NOT to go to Egypt, but to stay put where they are).

I dreamed that a couple of close family members and I were with a bunch of other people we knew from church in a previous town we lived in, as well as people we’d known over the years in general. We were standing in this giant barn-like structure that had only a tarp for a roof and pole-like walls that were covered with tent-fabric. The place was huge, but there was a wind storm blowing outside of it, which made the entire thing shake.

The walls billowed in and out, and the wind was roaring like it was literally alive, beating at the tent-house like it was trying to get in. We struggled to keep these four huge bungee cords that held the walls together to a pole system in the center. One of the cords suddenly broke loose and whipped around the room. I ducked and screamed for help. My husband grabbed the cord and connected it to a pole, but it was attached to the wrong one. I tried to tell him so, but he refused to listen. Instead, he grabbed my son and told him that they had to go cut a hole in one of the walls of the house to let the wind blow through or else the whole thing would come down. I kept screaming no, no…that will tear the whole thing apart.

Meanwhile, the other people in the tent-house were wandering around, totally oblivious to the storm raging outside the tent, and they had faith that the problem with the tent poles rocking back and forth would be fixed. There was a marketplace in one section of this huge tent-building and I wandered through it. There was food everywhere – we wanted for nothing. However, I knew there was a problem and if we didn’t fix it now, the whole thing would collapse on us. All of a sudden the dream changed.

I was flying through the air and looking down on a range of mountains. They were green and covered with lush trees and other vegetation. At the top of one of these mountain was a woman. As I drifted closer, I saw that she was my own mother. I asked something out loud and got a response to the affirmative that yes, this was my mother. However, it was a place I couldn’t go now. I had to stay where I was. (If you saw my last blog post, you know what the issue is). I was reminded that this place was Egypt and that I’d been delivered from it already, so why would I go back into it? Bad things would happen to me if I did.

Then I saw some other things that I can’t describe, especially online. Some were personal, some were for the world as a whole, particularly the southwest corner of America. Something was going to happen on 9-23, but when I asked what it was, I was shown something that looked like great devastation. I don’t know exactly what it was, but it reminded me of a volcano or some other kind of eruption. *I don’t know if this was literal or a metaphor, but something huge about to be smashed or broken open. It was bad for everyone and nothing would ever be the same again after it. I asked if this was definitely going to happen, because we’d been given dates before and nothing ever did. And there were words that appeared in the sky above the mountain that read, “Most assuredly so.”

Then the word “tabernacles.” That’s when I realized the giant house-tent was in fact a Tabernacle – a sukkah – and all it represents, I found myself back in the tent-house again and I was wandering through the market, naked. No idea why, but no one seemed to care. At this point, the walls began to collapse on one side of the tent-house and a hole appeared in the wall. My husband and my son had successfully created the “doorway,” and I knew that’s what it was – a doorway. Wind came pouring into the tent-house and I saw the walls begin to tear loose and fly upward. Then suddenly the roaring wind died. The house was filled with light.

That’s when I saw some things that I still had to repent for. I was told that while a lot of the Remnant have repented for things they’d done personally, many of the married ones still needed to repent for things they’d done as a couple. Or things they’d let happen. A couple joined in marriage according to Mark 10;9 is seen as “one person” in God’s eyes. If one is repentant and the other is not, their marriage will not survive past 9/23. I was told this specifically. That any unrepentant married couples would be separated at this point somehow; one taken, the other left.

**Update – as I was considering everything in this part later on, I was writing based on the series of scenes that played out in the dream. These were things that married couples had done together, with one mind. They ranged from everything like refusing to pay an agreed amount for something (like a house or rental or borrowing money / not paying it back), hating people & treating them badly(neighbors and/or family), and people bringing outside evil and iniquity into their marriage where both consent to and are aware of it. There are “secrets” in any marriage, thoughts never acted on and such, which people should individually repent for those, but these were specifically along the lines of married people “acting as one.” Think Ananias & Sephira from Acts. I think a lot of it had to do with people not taking the covenant of marriage seriously or acting together in defiance of God.

Other things happened in the dream, but they are hazy and I don’t recall them. I came away from this knowing that if I said anything, most people I know will dismiss me and what I say, just like the people of Jeremiah’s day dismissed him and ignored what he said. I’m not saying that I’m a prophet, mind you, but the aspect of Jeremiah where no one would listen to his warnings is something I was told happens to a lot of people who are given word of warning these days. Too many scoffers out there, too many people who think they already know everything there is to know about God and His Word made Flesh, Jesus Christ, and that nothing bad can possibly happen to them.

It comes down to the covenant of marriage. God expects us to respect it if it was made before His Presence. Sins we committed or formed as a couple have to be repented-for as a couple. Otherwise, separation is coming. I don’t know how, what or why. Just that it’s in September, on or after the 23rd of this year.  It heralds an event that starts in Rosh Hashana (Sept) 21-22_ and ends at Tabernacles, in October 5-6.  What I saw was described as a great wind that roars – like the passage from 1st Peter —

1Peter 5:8 (KJV)

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”

The tent-house was a “sukkah” or tabernacle, a big one. I think it represents my home and this present world. A hole torn through it, allowing in the roaring wind first, then suddenly the light and we are shown everything about ourselves that we’d done.

Marriage is the covenant, it is important to God, and we must honor it — and also repent as a couple (combined) as a unit of one, on or before the day of atonement. This was made clear.

I’m posting this on my blog to record it, but won’t share publically until I pray on it for a few days to see if what I understand from this is correct.

In Jesus’ Holy Name, I pray, Lord God if it be Your Will, please ensure that these words I’ve written here are the truth and nothing but the truth. Amen.

– Jillian
Image from: “Sukkah”


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