The Revelation Will Not be Televised

We’re living in some strange days, aren’t we? Isn’t it strange how since the great eclipse that crossed America on August 21, 2017 (1 Elul on the Jewish calendar) all these disasters both large and small have been lining up? Seems to be a lot more than usual, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s all just in our heads, like the mass media seems to believe. But, just for the heck of it, here’s an abbreviated list of what has occurred so far in the last 3 weeks…Bear in mind, this list is growing by the day and doesn’t list everything:

– Eclipse over the contiguous United States on August 21, 2017. For approximately 2 minutes, people stopped arguing over politics and looked up in the sky.

– Hurricane Harvey came in for landfall near Corpus Christi (‘body of Christ’) Texas on August 25th.

– An epic 1000-year mega-flood hits Houston, TX and surrounding areas on Aug. 26th and successive days.

– People start noticing the Luke 21:25-26 section of scripture, that lines up with Aug. 21, 25 & 26. The verse reads:  “25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; 26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

(Ruh roh…) And sorry, people, the disaster parade doesn’t stop there!

– There are now well over a million acres of forest and wildlands burning in 8 states in the western U.S. Not just little fires, but epic conflagrations that are forcing people to evacuate. I woke up to smoky air on Aug. 22nd and it has been here off and on ever since. Now the mountains south of my apartment building are currently on fire.

–  A couple of large meteorites or fireballs streaked across the skies in Canada (British Columbia), but then, we get meteorites all the time. Just lately it seems to be big ones.

–  Hurricane Irma became the largest and strongest hurricane to ever form in the Atlantic with 190mph sustained winds at its core. Irma is so powerful that seismometers sitting on the ocean’s floor registered it as it passed by. Irma is headed toward South Florida and is projected to come around into the Gulf of Mexico and roll up the “spine” of the state, still at Category 5 status (maybe a 4, once it hits land). An odd fact about Irma is that the storm has maintained its incredible size (400 miles in diameter) and it has not seen any shearing on it its trip to Florida. People are currently lining up on FL beaches to pray en-masse that this monster turns away from them. *Prayer worked for Puerto Rico, where the citizens prayed together as a nation. The storm turned away from them. They caught some damage from Irma’s outer bands, but the destructive core and eye wall stayed well away from Puerto Rico.

– Behind Irma, Hurricane Jose follows a similar track. It is slowly marching toward the U.S. east coast as well, but they had predicted it would stay at Category 1 or 2. It blew past those predictions and is currently a Category 4 storm, now expected to be a Cat-5 sometime today, as of the time of this writing.

– Hurricane Katia has formed in the Gulf of Mexico, and has been slowly strengthening near the coast of Southern Mexico.

– A little further down the coast of Mexico, an 8.1 earthquake struck on the morning of Sept 8, creating tsunamis. 32 dead as of this writing. Apparently this is the largest quake in Mexico’s history, and it occurred not far from where Hurricane Katia is now sitting.

– Strange green glowing fireballs were seen in the skies over the area in Mexico just before the 8.1 quake struck.

– A huge X1.3 Class solar flare also occurred on Sept. 7 – Sept. 8, and is still causing problems with satellites, etc. Aurora Borealis seen as far south as Chicago and Northern California.

In the “unnatural events” column we have:
– North Korea still testing its weaponry and threatening the U.S.
– A hacker or group of them managed to breach the giant credit-monitoring service, Equifax, affecting 140 million Americans. So, we have wars and rumors of wars, as well.

All of the concern over these signs and wonders has some in the media (Associated Press) claiming that the hype is being caused by social media. It couldn’t possibly be that God is sending us the signs in big, blinking lights that say, “America, Repent or Else” can it? Oh no, it couldn’t possibly be that! Even though America walked away from the Ten Commandments a long time ago. 40 years ago, in fact.

I’d love to compile a list of everything that’s happened since the first of the Four Blood Moons that began appearing in 2014 and ended in 2016. That would take a really long time, but maybe I’ll attempt to find it all. Things people have forgotten about, like ISIS/ISIL suddenly coming onto the scene a few months after the blood moon in 2014. Lots of things like that, which were lost in the endless news cycle, would be astounding when viewed as one giant list.

God’s not kidding around, now.

I’ve been having a deep feeling of unease, like something big really is coming down the pike at us this time. Like the hedges placed around America have come down and now, after the 40 days from 1 Elul ends on Sept. 30th (Rosh Hashanah, Day of Atonement), things will degrade beyond belief. People keep waiting for that day where “sudden destruction” happens in order to say with confidence that God sent all of this. But it’s incremental – something here, something there. Statues (idols) taken down, riots, fights, general unease in the population. Throw in a string of natural disasters and who knows where it all will go next? Well, God knows. His Son, Jesus, knows now. I believe the Rapture is soon.

Why do I believe this?

Yup. Here comes more cray-cray stuff from Jillian – wild dreams that are so strange and portentous that I can’t even post them here, for fear of the men with the butterfly nets. And I’m now seeing something that I haven’t seen since the days leading up to 9/11… But never mind that. Spiritual stuff. It’s like the veil is thinning and whatever’s on the other side is massing together, agitated because they know they only have a short time. But hey, whatever. Maybe it’s just me.

I write this now because there’s the pervasive feeling that something will occur on 9/11 again, but more than likely from a rogue nation like North Korea or elsewhere. If not on 9/11, then definitely on or around September 30th. We’ve got a spiritual “cloud of witnesses” and they’re watching to see what happens in the coming days. The Rapture is an event that will come suddenly and is tied in with that verse from Jesus about “sudden destruction will come upon them” as in the days of Noah and the days of Lot. That singular event will not be a tidy thing. What it is, no one knows, only the Father. But we’ve got plenty of the “birth pains” happening right now, on live TV. They won’t call it “Biblical,” because they’ll never admit that’s what is happening. Even 90% of so-called Christians can’t believe it.

In the end, the Revelation will not be televised.

exploding head

– Until later,

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