This blog isn’t about me but focuses on the collection of books I’ve filled with approximately 35+/- years of significant dreams and visions that I’ve had during that time. 95% of these have never been published at all, not even online. The ones that have were posted in backwater paranormal or dream-related forums I’ve visited over the years. They are all mine and I have over 40 of these handwritten books. The ones I will post first are the most “urgent” and a majority of these occurred between 1982 to present-day (2016). I don’t know if they are divinely inspired or not, but if there is a Biblical reference, I’ve included those with each one that I felt had a “message” of some kind.

I’m a longtime writer of crazy posts and blogs that Google has since deleted. Nothing lasts forever on the internet, but I hope before this site disappears, some of these dreams can be interpreted. Some already have been, and even some of those have come true. I will annotate these as well. Ultimately, I’d like to include videos where I read the content directly from the books if I have the time. For now, blog entries will have to suffice.


In Jesus’ Holy Name,


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